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Have you ever threw yourself into the interview process and failed? Here are the ten secrets increasing your odds of getting a dream job.

Do you find yourself stacked in business intelligence reporting, data pipelining, or software engineering routines and feel that you were born for something more?

Or, did you ever get rejected from the candidates’ pool, and you feel that you have done everything right?

Those situations appear from time to time and force us to think about what we could do better or differently to get a dream job or contract.

It is not only about building hard and soft skills, learning about the potential employer or client, and practicing interviews. It requires holistic reflection around ten key concepts to make…

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How to build a language-agnostic NLP application.

Harnessing unstructured data is becoming a must to sustain and excel in data-based businesses. Developing text features that can improve NLP model performance requires a mix of linguistics, data science, and business domain expertise.

It is sufficient for a start-up, but what about if your product becomes viral and you go global?

The Impact

Imagine a health-care service providing optimal medical treatment with a tailor-made dosage plan for a patient based on clinical research in the English language. What if you could add other languages and harness the power of the latest research from China or Japan?

The Challenge

For data scientists developing a…

Do you want to increase revenue and marketing ROI from your e-commerce platform? If yes, this is the article for you.

Customer journey mapping has become very popular in recent years. Making it right can upgrade marketing strategy, boost personalized branding and offerings and result in increased revenue and marketing ROI.

To bring value to the business, it requires a healthy balance of qualitative knowledge of customer-facing functions about market and customers and quantitative insights. The last can be gained from an e-commerce platform, CRM and other market related external sources.

The purpose of this article is to share with…

Alfred Sasko

Principal Data Scientist

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